Lifts and escalators

Access Solutions has demonstrated the ability to deliver a wide range of projects - from residential lifts and small buildings to large scale lifts in public complexes. Every project is different and often requires a custom installation (or even a uniquely built lift) to fit the situation, but our lift products generally fit into the categories below. Feel free to contact us for more information or to discuss your next project.

Mini lift

A low rise platform lift suitable for lifting disabled persons and small goods. It can travel up to 1 metre in height and be sized from 800-1100mm wide and from 1300-1500mm long.

Service lift

A small goods lift suitable for commercial and domestic applications from 100-500kg.

Disabled lift

A low rise lift to travel up to 12 metres, suitable for commercial and domestic applications, normally fixed to a staircase. Half and full height cars are available.

Residential lift (with sliding or swing doors)

A low cost domestic lift designed for houses, and can be installed with manual landing doors or fully automatic landing doors. Sliding or swing doors are available, as well as a self-supporting tower option.

MRL (machine room-less) lift

Commercial passenger lift with no motor room required. There are weight options from 600 kg to 2000 kg and speeds from 1 metre per second to 2 metres per second.

Passenger lift

Commercial passenger lift with machine room for low and high rise application. Weight ranges from 600 kg to 3000kg with speeds from 1 metre per second to 5 metres per second.

Our projects

Perhaps the best way to experience the extent of our capability is to browse a selection of our projects, each one with its unique challenges and solutions.